Lavanchy's Learners

November 17, 2018

Next week will go by quickly with only two days of school.  May you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.  I am truly thankful for my children in the classroom and their families.   Thank you for all of your support so far this year.  As we enter the holiday season, please remember to check your child's communication folder for updates on activities that are taking place.  Over half of our class has earned their snowflake for the Blizzard Party.  Please continue to practice those subtraction facts so everyone can take part on December 20.  We have several other activities planned for that final week before Christmas break.  If you are interested in helping with some of those activities, please call the school office.  The week will end with each class having class movie parties.   Our party time will be in the afternoon.  


Winter weather is here!  We will continue to have more of those snowy days so I wanted to remind everyone to wear their snow boots.   Please bring another pair of shoes to wear in the classroom.   If students have snow boots, they can play in the yard of the playground.   Otherwise they will need to stay on the sidewalk so their regular shoes don't get too wet.  Also, please remember to wear your winter coat.   We go outside unless the temperature is below 20 degrees.  


Next week:

Grammar:  Skill review

Reading:  Character traits, context clues

Math:   Multiplication and division fact families


Mrs.  Lavanchy